Sanskrit – A window to ancient India

Sanskrit is science, hence objective. Sanskrit is an art, hence an experience. Sanskrit is wisdom, hence a tool for introspection that paves way for transformation. Sanskrit is natural, hence in favor of a building a healthy environment.

With such a background Sanskrit is not a mere language. It’s a golden gateway to understand the nature within and without. Sanskrit is also a medium to assimilate and disseminate our ancient scriptures.

This precisely is the reason why learning Sanskrit is a multilevel effort which makes it as easy as one takes it or as challenging as it can get at times. It is up to one to choose a path that paves way for growth and development of self and the society.

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Our Sanskrit teacher’s reaching style is very innovative and friendly. She encourages us to experiment with the language and makes every session very interactive.

Saraswati Laxminarayan, Chief enterprise architect, insurance and capital markets at NTT DATA

April 6, 2017

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Samskrita classes conducted by Tattwamasi and the guidance later on has taught me a lot and helped me to further study this language. This has helped me to read and understand epics like Raguvamsha. I express my profound gratitude to her for providing this opportunity to me.

K S Sharma

April 6, 2017

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