The Vedic Practice

Rituals are external formalities aimed at impressing some spiritual idea.

Tattwamasi encourages and engages people into meaningful and a logical set of rituals that can bring about a wellbeing in the self and thereby in the society. We aid in conducting these rituals at an individual level based on specific requirement. Our confidence roots in the knowledgeable Acharyas who are committed to

  • Mantra shuddhi (Perfect pronunciation)
  • Tantra Shuddhi (Impeccable execution)
  • DravyaShuddhi (Finest materials used)

These ritual are certain to create divine vibrations as they would be conducted with at most faith and conviction and every process would be explained to the satisfaction of the performer.

An indicative list of some of the rituals that, the team at Tattwamasi has efficiently handled

Nitya Karma

Vedas prescribe about 48 Samskaras and PanchaMahayajna as Nityakarmas. These are mandatory purification processes that every human being will have to undergo. Here is the list of main rituals among them.

Naimittika Karma

Naimittika Karmas are performed on a periodic basis at regular intervals or at particular juncture of one’s life span.

Kamya Karma

Kamyakarmas are basically performed to fulfil particular desire (Ishtaprapti) by way of appeasing Gods. These rituals can be done as a whole or in individual fragments viz., Puja, Japa, Homa etc., as per the requirement of the performer.