Yoga is a study of happiness.

The purpose of Yoga is two-fold. Yoga as therapy and yoga as sādhanā.Yoga practice in its right meaning, leads to not just a fit body but a peaceful mind, pure consciousness and an empathetic outlook towards the world around him. Only when all this is achieved is the practice complete.

Tattwamasi conducts classes based on these fundamental principles through which we train on physical fitness as well as help one to understand the realms of body, mind and consciousness and strike a pleasing harmony between all the three.

We have well trained and experienced professional trainers and therapists who conduct mass classes and personal sessions based on the requirement.



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Although I have been practicing Yoga since more than 6 years, the classes from Tattwamasi are exceptional and taught me many perspectives of Yoga beyond mere physical exercise. Trainers have deep understanding of concepts of Yoga as well as individual’s requirements. Every student is treated as a unique personality with multiple facets. We learn and grow at our own comfortable pace. Therefore, It is extremely invigorating and fulfilling experience.

Lakshmi Nagaraj, Retired bank employee

April 6, 2017

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Our trainer is very dedicated and knowledgeable yet very fun and friendly. She motivates everyone to identify, become aware of our mental blockages and pushes us to cross over them smoothly.

Neha Mittal, Tech lead in IBM

April 6, 2017

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